Minimal loess application is no longer competitive in the market. Consumers long for more useful and valuable products. This was why we began to make functional loess products. loess refers to health, but we are dedicated to satisfying our customer’s needs by producing functional loess products that do more than enhancing your health.

Tohwangto promises to use loess bio technology for loess life science. We have been devoted to producing loess and ceramics for the last 20 years, and are ready to make a new start. We have applied loess, elvan, germanium, illite, pegmatite, tourmaline, and various functional materials to various fields and have made our best effort to enhance many people’s health using our products.

loess products have accomplished a remarkable growth in Korea for the last 20 years, but not many high-quality functional yellow early products for our daily lives have been introduced because of limited market scale and failure to attract customers. Modern people have achieved convenience and civilization, but their health has encountered many emerging problems. We will use loess, the gift of life from the Mother Nature, to help you experience a gifted life full of energy.

Let’s experience a healthy life and the scent of nature with Tohwangto, the glory of loess.

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